Let's Get Ready To Rumble

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Boxing fans are enthusiastic and totally devoted to the sport. Age and ethnicity demographics shift with each weight division and how a boxing match is delivered (such as live event, cable programming or pay-per-view).

The fans of boxing have traditionally represented a 35-64 year old white male at home watching a boxing match on a major broadcast network, but due to the influx of music industry celebrities into the boxing world and the MTV generation becoming adults who grew up watching cable television, boxing fans are beginning to become younger (18-34) and the overall age demographic has become more widespread (18-54).

The appeal of boxers such as Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather Jnr, David Haye etc, as well as the rise of Women’s Boxing, has lead to female interest in the sport growing at record levels. Which in turn created a noticeable increase in  broadcast viewership.

To ensure maximum broadcast exposure worldwide Khan Boxing Promotions have an in-house broadcasting team, for both the actual production and broadcast of the events, as well as for arranging syndication of the broadcast to all markets worldwide.

In addition to access to in excess of eighty Million homes worldwide, gained via terrestrial, satellite and cable broadcasting, all Khan Boxing Promotions Championship events will also be broadcast on-line.

Each of the headline boxers will also be subject to a fly on the wall mini documentary series, covering their home life, training and media schedule throughout the build up to Fight Night.

It is anticipated that each of the programmes in the series will provide an additional access to thirty to forty Million homes worldwide, again these will be broadcast on-line, which will increase these figures significantly.

Besides actual broadcast repeats, YouTube provides an additional post event viewing audience.